Try Green Smoothies, To Unlock Nutrition And Great Flavor

Perhaps you’ve thought of trying juicing but are not ready to invest in a juicer. You can do almost as well with a blender. You just miss the concentrating power that a juicer brings. With a smoothie all of the fiber is mixed up with the juice. The juice is broken out as it is in a juicer and it will be easier to use the nutrients but you will be taking in the whole fruit or vegetable.

Green Smoothies Let You Keep The Fiber

The advantage of taking the whole thing in is you get the benefit of all the fiber. This is useful when you make smoothies out of sweet fruits like oranges and apples because the fiber suppresses the sugar spike that you might otherwise get. So if you are unsure about going the full route to juicing then take this intermediate step, after all you probably already have a blender.

Keep Your Smoothie Simple

The best point I can make to you is when you set out to make a smoothie, keep it simple. Plan on using 40% fruit and 60% vegetables. Also if you haven’t made smoothies before I would suggest spinach leaves. Spinach leaves are loaded with nutrition yet have a very mild flavor. Kale leaves are also nutrition packed but have a harsh flavor. You will want to rotate your green leafy vegetables between the various kinds but prepare yourself. Maybe start with adding only 1 leaf of the new vegetable until you know how it tastes.

Here is a simple recipe with spinach as the core ingredient:

  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 3 stalks of celery
  • 1 banana
  • 1 apple
  • ice and water to change it from paste to liquid

Blend The Spinach First

Put it into the blender, the spinach first and then use the celery to push the spinach down on the blades. After the spinach and ends of the celery form a paste, cut the apple into slices and put it in, again use the celery to push it down. When this is done put in the banana and cucumber with the ice and water. Go easy on the water until you understand how much you will need. Be sure the lid is on good and just let it rip. The rest of the items should liquefy with no problem.

Then turn up a glass and mediate on all the healing nutrition you are getting from it. Smoothies are one of life’s great healing secrets.

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