Vastu, The Yoga of Interiors

Symbols connect us with an idea, concept, a person, an object and more so our sacred belief and their relation to the Universe. They were used in the ancient times to connect with the unknown and unfathomable energy of the divine cosmos. Symbols contain their own powerful energy and are like guiding stars raising our energy from the very core towards enlightenment.

Symbols are the notes of the human mind strung together they produce music that gives us the connection that we seek with the universe. The earliest language has developed from symbols. Symbols give their energy to you, positivity in your life and can help manifest your desires, balance the harmonize the energies in your space.

Vastu, as we know, is the Yoga of Interiors and we can use symbols as remedies to balance elements in a particular zone. The symbols act as a medium that establishes a connection with the universe to create harmony within our surroundings, revitalize our homes and synchronize with the cosmic consciousness or energy.

The Sun is the vital force of life and his symbol attracts strength, power, and energy. The sun rises in the east so that is his zone, hanging a brass sun in the East zone of your home increases political and social connections. Antique Indian doors, centuries old, are resplendently carved with Sun symbols and retain the energy so beautifully, use indoors as an office den door they will create an awesome connection with the Sun’s energy.

The lotus flower symbolizes the untouched form and dignity of human beings in the higher levels of existence. The Lotus flower activates positive vibrations and energies to our daily life and thereby symbolizes rising above worldly problems. Wall sculptures of Bodhi Tree and the Kalpavriksha Tree symbolize these energies as well and add a beautiful aura to your Northeast corner which is the zone of spirituality.

The center of the home is called the heart of the home and in the old Indian Havelis there would be an open courtyard lined with cusped arches and columns where everybody would gather. This space should always be clean and open with the least amount of furniture.

The elephant is considered a sacred celestial animal, the most wondrous creature ever created and is greatly admired for its wisdom, strength, virility, and power. In Hinduism, Ganesha’s energy is that of the elephant, he is the ruler of the first chakra wherein in sits the kundalini energy. Magnificient wall carvings of Ganesha in multicolored hues of red and orange placed in the entrance brings in luck and good fortune and if placed in the zone of studies encourages career development of the children.

Using techniques given to us in the sacred texts of the Vastu Shastra we can bring a beautiful balance to our lives and strengthen our connection to the universe.

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